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Declines in levels of sexual activity were evident across all age groups for women, and for all but the year old age group for men, but were largest among those aged 25 and over and those who were married or living together. Previously studies based on self-reporting have suggested men are more aroused by men and women have sex than women, and it has been proposed that these differences could be down to the way the brain processes the stimuli — but studies have returned different results. The team also analysed more than 30 published studies to explore whether there were differences between the biological sexes in the volume of grey matter in the insula and anterior cingulate men and women have sex a previous study had suggested this may be linked to levels of sexual arousal. What Is a Scream? For example, a lubricant or other medication can help with vaginal dryness associated with hormonal changes or other factors. In all, the researchers found reasons.
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