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However, by the events of star wars old republic game, Corellia is suffering under a lengthy and brutal invasion led by Darth Decimus, and Imperial players work to aid the occupation and defeat the native Green Jedi and Republic forces as the Republic Military begins to marshal its forces for a counterattack. A major part of The Old Republic is the ability to join groups of other players and participate in group missions to take on more powerful enemies and gain greater rewards. These trees teach single-blade combat and defensive abilities respectively, and the Force technique-centered Focus skill tree is shared by both Guardians and Sentinels. As the Old Republic fell apart as a result of its continuous star wars old republic, the Jedi Order finally believed itself victorious from its conflict with the Sith, who they believed to have been destroyed completely. A second internet comic titled Blood of the Empire has been released and follows the story of a Sith apprentice on a dangerous secret mission. Kephess is transformed into the Dread Masters's "vessel," their chosen instrument to spread star wars old republic and terror, and the situation on Denova devolves into a three-way battle between the Republic, the Empire, and Kephess's forces.
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