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"People saying her squirting is fake make me laugh. I remember making myself squirt 43 times back to back one day. My entire mattress was ruined and I was exhausted. How I did it? I drank water all the day before and pissed right before I started to fuck myself with a bad dragon dildo. Best. Day. Ever.,I agree, when staying hydrated my goto hydration is oatmilk and pomegranate juice with well water filling it. Stay away from bottled waters! Also mine was anal and not squirting but man my ass would stay so wet! Amazing feeling, also another big tip I use *choke saliva* as my lube now, I used to use none and would take a little while to get going and also organic lube that was pretty good stuff but I like it raw better.....but choke saliva.....hands down best lube in the world.,Did she die?,Nope, she's just got her country's median salary under one hour faking orgasms and squirt. (there's videos of her starting and she doesn't squirt at all, also human body would die of such dehydration if it was possible),Okay, so I know that most squirt is piss, but how the fuck do you piss for almost 10 minutes straight?,she holds it in for two years and then, BOOM!,this is more impressive than it is hot.,where does the water came from man, i mean all that juices came out and shell be dehydrated af man, feel bad tho,Hmm, don't know how fake or real this is bit it's hot nonetheless and I'm still gonna cum to it,I feel lied to.,I like how the sound of her slapping her wet flesh reminded me that we are all bags of organic matter slowly decaying.,Best video I seen in ages,You broke the record for the LONGEST and the FASTEST SHAKING ORGASM, that I've ever seen!! Can you out do yourself?? Maybe in a different position??,Joji playing in the background really made this video haha,Fake squirts and orgasms !!!Don't be so naГЇve, she must have a hose in her top or Something like that !!! Still the video is nice !,she doesn't. she turns around multiple times while streaming to change the dildo and the song.,I've been bamboozled,WoooooooooooooooW,The whole africa can drink water while she does that,what is her name???,Meredirh_Crowford,Who is she?,I feel like if these organs are so strong she would push that plug right out,This is the hornies sexiest most beautiful thing I've seen in a long long time... OMG this is amazing. So beatiful figure, lovely ass and makes me incredibly excited. 10/10 + 10/10,Holy shit this is good added it to favourites,Lots of water is all this takes,Nice screaming, she squirted over 30 times!!,Pero esto ya es otro nivel , esto es la ostia,The best video I ever seen!!,What's her name,Is she a car salesman? Judging by the way she slapped her vagina 😂😂😂😂,HOLY FUCK that was HOT!!!!!!!!!!,Подрочил,Holy fuck that was awesome [email protected] - same here.. Want more of her... great shape, great ass too,I have seen so many porns and thats the best one i have ever seen

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